Sunday, April 11, 2010

Now I Know What Field Agents Feel Like

Niteowl: i'm going to be try be painfully wholesome while the women are present
Niteowl: it'll be like my college days
Niteowl: colon burstingly disgusting with the guys, LIttle House On THe Prarie goody two shoes when the wommin arrive
ralph: katya, is of course, the same
cheesoning: I predict she won't break your cover AND she'll ruin it for you.
cheesoning: right.
Niteowl: you have to be polite, i don't know these people don't spend two hours or more a day playing vidoe games
Niteowl: we haven't spilled pixellated blood together
cheesoning: she will out-niteowl you just by being herself.
Niteowl: then i'll have to start karaoking or something, so as not to break my cover
cheesoning: that is a stellar plan.
cheesoning: now I want to go.
Niteowl: i see i've dug myself a hole that only passing out drunk within the first 20 minutes will resolve

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