Monday, April 12, 2010


stresstwig: went well
stresstwig: it's always easier when everybody around me has the worst material ever thought of
stresstwig: the guy before me did things about tiger woods sexting
stresstwig: which, in summary, was reading the sexts of tiger woods
stresstwig: twice
Faux Real: hello my friends
Faux Real: i am here to talk about airplane food
Faux Real: you can relate
ralph: what is the deal with that?
Faux Real: as you have been on a plane
stresstwig: the guy after me talked about how he smeared poop on his elementary school bully's bicycle
stresstwig: in this way, my set was a diamond
itchy: sounds more like a support group
ralph: or a piece of corn, undigested
Faux Real: a turd in the rough

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