Sunday, April 11, 2010

Woody Allen AND Sharon Stone?

KatyaOnPCViaBootCampInPartyRoomGuys: they were? wow! maybe they were just making fun of me
Niteowl: man, you ARE part jewish
Niteowl: OY VEY
Niteowl: or part Woody
Niteowl: whatever his last name is
KatyaOnPCViaBootCampInPartyRoomGuys: allen
KatyaOnPCViaBootCampInPartyRoomGuys: how they hell did you not know that
Niteowl: your opinion of my long and short term memory is grossly inflated
Niteowl: also, i've seen maybe 1/2 of one of his movies
Niteowl: and 1/3 of that 1/2 is part of Antz!

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