Saturday, April 10, 2010

Unholy Hybrid Counters

stresstwig: just badmouth either Braid or Jonathan Coulten
bigjimslade: "Oh man, that Coulten fag is going to do another game song?! Why can't good music get into games, like Mudvayne?!"
stresstwig: and just refer to everything as a "sega"
Niteowl: "I thought it'd just be Modern Warfare 2 here, what's with all the ghey indie shit?'
stresstwig: the wii is my favorite sega
bigjimslade: "This the new cartridge for xbox?"
stresstwig: you guys ever play clash bandiroot
betaray: "Where's the LeapFrog setup at?"
stresstwig: "I really think Final Fantasy III was the best one"
chrisd: "halo FOREVAAAA"
bigjimslade: I wish they had just stuck with Sonic games
stresstwig: the ff3 is my favorite bait
stresstwig: YOU MEAN SIX
bigjimslade: yeah that's a good one
stresstwig: you should see how many people you can get riled up with that one
betaray: Ask someone if theire DS is one of those awesome Tiger Electronics handhelds

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