Friday, July 31, 2009


ralph: I would like to remind you all that I am part foreign and can therefore get away with one less button. And that I was out that night with like five guys carrying sunglasses, so nobody noticed me.
Niteowl: you can say yer foreign but come on, business school, law school, sitting on 'boards'? yer 110% WASP, my friend.
stresstwig: niteowl just doesn't understand how to deal with chest hair
stresstwig: namely, by letting it all hang out
Niteowl: i had a chest hair once, then i sneezed
bigjimslade: while yes it is true that as part of a swarthy ethnic minority you do get to have an extra button undone, you have to accept the consequence that it also counts as triple the douchebag points of a Caucasian doing the same
Niteowl: zactly
ralph: douche´

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