Friday, July 31, 2009


Cyrano: so, who wants to be scarred for life?
bigjimslade: OH ME ME ME
bigjimslade: j/k *not clicking*
stresstwig: i kind of would have thought they'd give gene simmons a different costume for a movie
Cyrano: Well, I just game you John Stamos, Gene Simons in women's heels and Vanity.
Cyrano: So knock yourself out.
Cyrano: That's a great stoner movie.
Cyrano: I bought it on ebay.
Cyrano: I don't even remember why.
stresstwig: also how he doesn't notice the helicopter
Cyrano: Which tracks nicely with a stoner phase in one's life, really.
stresstwig: what was that computer briefcase at the end
stresstwig: is that some sort of transexual super device
Cyrano: i think Gene Simmons was trying to poison the LA water supply.
Cyrano: by being the charismatic transvestite leader of a gang.
stresstwig: better than the ears and minds of our children, amirite
Cyrano: as one is wont to do.
stresstwig: yeah. when i walk home after work i have to be careful. sometimes i end up the charismatic transvestite leader of 10, maybe 20 gangs
stresstwig: but i mean, with an ass like this
Cyrano: true dat.
stresstwig: like i'm not gonna strut my stuff.
betaray: not to mention the gold lame corset
stresstwig: the corset is hardly lame, beta.
betaray: I knew I should have put in the accent do avoid that lame joke....
Cyrano: I think that's actually his most manly outfit of the movie.
Cyrano: Wait, there's a scene where he's dressed in 80's era army fatigues. With a 44 pistol tucked into his belt.
Cyrano: Because he's in *disguise*
betaray: ahh
Cyrano: With a big bushy old-style GI Joe beard.
betaray: I like how she's sniping with the silenced 44
Cyrano: Pretty much looking exactly how I pictured ralph until I met him.

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