Friday, July 31, 2009

Candy Bowls

stresstwig: you know, if there's one thing i think i would probably get into a fight with my younger self if i were to go back in time, is that kit kats are delicious
Niteowl: they are not?
stresstwig: no they totally are
stresstwig: but my kid self wouldn't think so
Cyrano: your kid self was a fucktard.
bigjimslade: agreed
bigjimslade: he needs a kick in the junk
stresstwig: and then like there would be a scene where i dangle him by his ankle off a bridge until he admits it
stresstwig: and then his dad wouldn't be able to go watch his soccer game
stresstwig: so i would go instead
Cyrano: kit kats and snickers are where it's at, man.
stresstwig: with a disguise
Cyrano: that's how the admins at work bribe me with their candy bowls.
Cyrano: CODE?

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