Friday, July 31, 2009


ralph: comment to the Most interesting man in the world dos equis ad on youtube
ralph: TetsuoK (1 week ago)
I love the subtle undertones of? hyena afterbirth found in Dos Equis. The effervescent bubbles remind me of the lukewarm spent fingerbowl found at a rib restaurant. And that sweet draw of a return tank on a rug steam provides it with a wonderful finish. Mmm. I'm thirsty already

seerano: I love how you're surfing an entirely different internet from the rest of us, ra.
spruce: meta, reading youtube comments is like doing a shot of heroin from a needle you found in a dumpster
Niteowl: needle you found in a dumpster? why would you specify, like you can get a needle any other way
betaray: My school gave me a big bag of them
lickyitch: sometimes they're laying beside the dumpster
spruce: well you could pluck it from a dead junkie's arm
ralph: LOL FAGTH
betaray: so I could practice shooting up
ralph: whoops.
lickyitch: whoops? ha ... who was that for?
spruce: ... though the junkie has a good chance of resting in a dumpster
cheesoning: found one in the alley by my church with a crack pipe
cheesoning: no shit
lickyitch: now that's dedication
lickyitch: and coordination
spruce: how was the padre's sermon that day?
cheesoning: it was by dumpsters
betaray: I just steal this guy's spark plug when I want a crack pipe:
lickyitch: and a young boy
spruce: was there a lot of mention of ants crawling over his skin?
cheesoning: couldn't tell you. I was pretty smacked up.

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