Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Herpes Knife

cheesoning: also, if you live up north, you already have a survival instinct or you'd move somewhere warmer
cheesoning: thought about it, stress
cheesoning: then went back into my self-imposed medical coma
spruce: you and your comas, I do declare!
cheesoning: sweet talk all you want - I'm immune to the cat herp
Niteowl: fuck this chat is rife with callbacks and in-jokes
Niteowl: i need a fucking wiki even to say hello
cheesoning: I was out for a bit
cheesoning: I had a slightly difficult time coming up with a correlative joke worthy of this forum earlier, and I'm still taking stabs at it.
spruce: keep fucking that chicken
cheesoning: you know, like spruce stabs his cat
stresstwig: with a herpes knife?
stresstwig: from cooking a herpes casserole?
stresstwig: maybe if i jump in we can power through this rough patch big guy
cheesoning: did he tell you to call it his "herpes knife?"
Niteowl: just say cat ploughing penis and be done with it

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