Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Donkey + Giraffe

cheesoning: I was a 34 in '94
stresstwig: 34? fucking giraffes.
stresstwig: lengthwise, that is.
stresstwig: dunno how giraffes issue on the width scale.
stresstwig: probably lower.
Faux Real's Gimp Computer: THE BEARD HAS SPOKEN
metamonk: you calling us donkeyfuckers?
stresstwig: giraffes fuck donkeys?
stresstwig: that must be some hanna barbara shit
cheesoning: not clicking that.
cheesoning: I see fuck and donkey in the URL.
cheesoning: fool me once...
metamonk: sry
stresstwig: that's a nimble giraffe
cheesoning: dammit. Curiosity piqued.
metamonk: nsfw unless you are a donkey rape counselor
cheesoning: oh hey! I just got my donkey rape counseling card in the mail! Clicking away!
Faux Real's Gimp Computer: was that an associates degree?
Faux Real's Gimp Computer: or a four year program?
metamonk: you just give a few giraffes rape tips and you're in business
cheesoning: Whatever the fuck Sally Struthers is selling. They don't mention donkey rape counselor on the infomercial.
cheesoning: it was that or gun cleaning.
gordonfrohman: Jack Slade; Donkey Rape Counselor
cheesoning: "actually ma'am, I have a license to counsel this donkey."
gordonfrohman: is that for donkeys who have been raped or the victims of rape by donkeys
gordonfrohman: because they're two very different fields
cheesoning: did you not click meta's link?
gordonfrohman: I generally make it a habit not to

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