Wednesday, November 18, 2009


cheesoning: our older neighbor came to the door a few weeks back with some cookies she baked. I was in my underwear watching tv (it was Saturday around 10 AM).
cheesoning: I knew she could see the tv on, and I knew she'd be able to see me if I scurried off
cheesoning: maybe see me sitting there, for that matter
cheesoning: so I answered the door
bigjimslade: nice
bigjimslade: and by that I mean horrific, but because it was not me I can enjoy it
cheesoning: got me thinking, next time someone wants to sell me gutter cleaning, I should be wearing nothing but a jock. Make 'em earn it.
Niteowl: what if that only spurs them on?
bigjimslade: then he shows them a picture of me in a jock
cheesoning: heheh. And if that doesn't do it, I get my gutters cleaned.
metamonk: code
bigjimslade: "OK, I cannot defeat you. You have the job"

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