Wednesday, November 18, 2009


betaray: someone rang my door bell earlier, and I didn't feel like talking to a sales person or a proselytizer
betaray: so I didn't answer
Faux Real's Gimp Computer: what if it was a friend?
betaray: unlikely at this time of the day
betaray: but they would have rang more than once
Faux Real's Gimp Computer: you need more looser friends
betaray: more unemployed you mean?
Niteowl: and more crysturbating
betaray: I have been neglecting my crysturbating
Faux Real's Gimp Computer: married?
gordonfrohman: masturbawling
betaray: mastursobating
Faux Real's Gimp Computer: maestrobaiting
betaray: mustard eating?
bigjimslade: I was going to make a Dune callback with "kristurbating" but that seemed intrusive into frohman's personal life
Niteowl: he's got your sandworm right here

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