Wednesday, April 29, 2009


[chrisd] 48:20 is the infamous toyota parked on the spectator's car
[cheesoning] I saw that happen IRL once, Chris
[Frohman One] cockfosters
[chrisd] yeesh
[cheesoning] my buddy had a corolla, lost control on a country road, went down the culvert and up onto the flat
[cheesoning] He got a ride to a gas station and called me to pick him up
[cheesoning] I drove the same route and saw where he went off the road, his car, and a pickup truck on top of his car
[cheesoning] got to the station and said "You didn't tell me about the pickup truck"
[cheesoning] he said "what pickup truck?"
[cheesoning] but wait - there's more!
[cheesoning] so we drive back to the scene where there's a cop talking to the pickup driver (he went down the culvert but caught enough air to land on top of the Corolla)
[cheesoning] so we're talking to the cop - all of us - and another car comes down the road from the other direction, hits the ice, skids off the road, over the culvert, and into a house.
[cheesoning] The cop goes "Jesus. I'll be right back."
[greenskpr] what the fuck cheese
[Frohman One] the car is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE
[cheesoning] and here's me with the FWD pickup (NO TRACTION) driving everyone home.

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