Thursday, April 30, 2009


chrisd: desalination with selective ion transport membranes
spruce: aw yeeeah, that's what I'm talking about!
liquidindian: Phwoar.
liquidindian: "membranes"
chrisd: phwoar indeed, i'm going home in celebration.
plummer: and drink a glass of salt water
chrisd: mmmm
cheesoning: man, I was desalinating selective ion transport membranes in 2004.
spruce: don't clog those transport membranes
plummer: I desalinate in milliseconds
chrisd: we only clog 'em with zinc buildup in one of our batteries-- they're cool shit though
cheesoning: oh wait, no. I was salinating random ion transport membranes. It's been a while.
spruce: Important distinction
cheesoning: I had to look at my plaque to remember
Niteowl: I was desalinating back when they didn't even know what salt was. *sigh*. It makes me sad that no one does desalination for REAL anymore.
plummer: you desalinate? I can disregard it. Shrug.
spruce: desalination dilettantes
liquidindian: Sigh. Desalinators have been broken since they became selective.
chrisd: someone better post this to ratherdepressing
cheesoning: Yo, dawg, I heard you liked desalinated memes in your meme so I prailined your dick
chrisd is now known as chrisd | gonehome
liquidindian: You went too far, cheese.

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