Tuesday, April 21, 2009


liquidindian: http://twitter.com/furious_tfm/statuses/1576187637
Niteowl: classy
cheesoning: maybe the paradigm needs to shift. What could these things be called besides video games? Video RAGE INDUCERS? Video RIGHTS TO BUGLESS CONTENT NOW? Video I KNOW I SAID MILK BEFORE BUT NOW I WANT MOUNTAIN DEW, MOM!?
cheesoning: also, the word fuck has lost its impact.
spruce: I know. People at the National Profanity Institute need to research some new cusses.
liquidindian: Frak.
cheesoning: I like Fie.
gordonfrohman: flip
Niteowl: cock mangler
chrisd: billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles
Niteowl: VISUAL there chrisd
chrisd: Niteowl: http://www.tintinologist.org/guides/lists/curses.html
chrisd: there's a fuckin' list for ya
liquidindian: cuntybollocks
spruce: Republican
cheesoning: whoa, nice shot, liquid!
cheesoning: hahahah
chrisd: Cachinnating cockatoo! Cannibals! Carpetsellers! Caterpillars! Centipede! Cercopithecus! Coelcanth! Colocynths! Corsair! Cowards! Crabapples! Cro-Magnon! Crooks! Cushion footed quadrupeds! Cyclotron!
spruce: Way to republican that up!

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