Friday, April 17, 2009

Drink Of The Gods

spruce: Mountain Dew: Fuck, we won't even try to pretend this is a natural flavour.
Niteowl: Mountain Dew : I got your caffeine right here.
Niteowl: Mountain Dew : It's got the, whaddyacallit, Isotopes.
Niteowl: Mountain Dew : Source of 83% of all commercial software bugs.
spruce: Mountain Dew: Also good for barium enemas
spruce: haha. Nice, niteowl
Niteowl: Mountain Dew : Beats licking the sweat off a mountain lion's testicles.
Niteowl: Mountain Dew : It's either this or Fresca.
itchy: i like mountain dew
itchy: and sweaty lion balls
Niteowl: Mountain Dew : This colour of yellow-green TOTALLY occurs in nature. What.
spruce: Mountain Dew: Who wants to live forever?
Niteowl: Mountain Dew : It's not an addiction if you can get it legally.
Niteowl: Mountain Dew : Remember those great 80's commercials? So do -- OH LOOK A CAT.
itchy: Mountain Dew: Can't stop shaking long enough to open the next can.
Niteowl: HEH
spruce: Mountain Dew: Fellating your nerve endings TO THE EXTREME
Niteowl: HA
itchy: Mountain Dew: Your sweat should not be that color.
spruce: Mountain Dew: That crazy friend of yours no one likes who makes you do stupid things you regret years later prompting you to wonder why you still hang around this asshole.

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