Monday, April 27, 2009


itchy: speaking of 9/11 ... i got into the most bizarre conversation with a buddhist monk this weekend ... he was one of those conspiracy nuts and started telling me all the reasons the towers were a controlled demolition ... in reference to pearl harbor he also used the term "japs" and i'm pretty sure he swore a few times ... he may also have been drunk
norman: I was tired and emotional
niteowl: i thought arabs weren't allowed to drink?
niteowl: then again, Fire in the Disco norman drinks nothing but martinis. so...
itchy: ha
norman: damn you itchy I shaved my pencil thin moustache
spruce: was he a white monk, or like, an actual Tibetan?
itchy: white
norman: poser
spruce: of course white monk sounds like a Final Fantasy class
itchy: totally
itchy: part of the extended family i'm proud to tell ya
spruce: are you sure he wasn't just a crazed derelict wearing orange drapes?
itchy: he's my wife's mother's cousin
itchy: i know nothing about his past, although i am certain it is shady
spruce: Is he the shame of her family?
itchy: i don't think so
spruce: who just shows up at the reunions for the free food?
itchy: and booze
itchy: yeah, he had the whole orange robe thing goin
spruce: "what are these, velvet? Very nice..."

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