Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wait, where?

liquidindian: Blockbuster goes through my head every time I get... the northern line in London.
liquidindian: Or the Picadilly line.
liquidindian: Whichever one goes to Cockfosters.
greenskpr: cockfosters eh...
cheesoning: what.
bigjimslade: Niteowl's spideysense is tingling, I bet
cheesoning: not his spideysense. His sack is probably tingling.
liquidindian: There are ruder places on the London tube.
greenskpr: I bet Frohman One would rather be dirving his ass to a place called cockfosters instead of concord
liquidindian: Mudchute, for one.
cheesoning: driving his ass to mudchute
bigjimslade: right around the corner from Cockfosters?
cheesoning: this will definitely be flagged by my HR group
chrisd: 48:20 is the infamous toyota parked on the spectator's car
bigjimslade: via Taintwithers

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