Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Goldie. Goldie HAWN.

pfc__work: hey niteowl, what is benjing a thread?
Niteowl: i can't remember
Niteowl: either when you theorycraft a game until it's a desiccated husk of lame, all excel spreadsheet up it's hoo ha
Niteowl: OR
pfc__work: well, there's that
pfc__work: I know that
Niteowl: when one has 'beaten the systems' by a strat so min-maxed and optimized that one wants to untinstall steamand uninstall life.
pfc__work: but when you said the double benjing a thread and enkiwaing a thread
Niteowl: OR when someone, goldie, usually, mentions they have done either the latter or the former
Frohman: let's add dueying a thread
Frohman: where you take words and randomize them
BeerFilter: hah
pfc__work: I'm not taking offense or anything
Niteowl: it's vaguely annoying goldie. vaguely. which may draw invectives from random mefighters. because it sounds so ridonkulous
pfc__work: wow
pfc__work: no
Frohman: er, goldie?
Niteowl: enkiwaing... i think that's just flat out boasting above what one would ever do in polite society
JDHarper: who is goldie?
Niteowl: HAWN
Niteowl: jesus keep up you plebs.
pfc__work: url
Frohman: oh
Niteowl: oh, in that case, it was enki talking about himself in a fan-fawningly attentive way that makes me suspect he stalks HIMSELF
pfc__work: was that a proper benji though?
pfc__work: I was amusingly puzzled
Niteowl: i can't recall what i referring to there

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