Sunday, February 7, 2010

Black Hole

Cyrano@home: there's a giant black hole on my facebook's friends page where High School should be.
Cyrano@home: because, really, fuck all those people.
Cyrano@home: (which is what I hope all those asswipes fell into)
Niteowl: so
Niteowl: football captain, homecoming king, all that for you, eh?
Cyrano@home: you forgot class president and nailing the whole cheerleading squad.
itchy: cyrano was voted "most likely to come back and kill us all"
cheesoning: most likely to remove weatherbug from our PCs.
cheesoning: (same thing, really)
Niteowl: Least likely to join a Frat
Niteowl: Most likely to manufacture pipes bombs and test them in the gym.
itchy: that's why you don't have metal shop before gym class

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