Monday, February 22, 2010

Commitment Is Waterproof.

jdharper: Oh yeah. It was just pouring down rain and our patio's drain couldn't cope with it
bigjimslade: ah ok
jdharper: Water was leaking into one room of the house and I had to man the wet vac
bigjimslade: oh, that is definitely more fun than playing l4d2, I can get behind that
bigjimslade: glad it was ok though, seemed a bit scary when you bolted
jdharper: I thought about that afterwards
jdharper: I was just in a hurry
cheesoning: did you say something like "aw shit - gotta bail."
stresstwig: i think it was something like "gotta go house is flooding"
cheesoning: and everyone thought you were pissed but you really meant bail?
bigjimslade: and we all were just worried and hoping everything was ok
bigjimslade: niteowl was all "WTF IS THAT BULLSHIT"

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