Monday, February 22, 2010


Cyrano: then he said something about hot sauce.
stresstwig: "wtf is this bullshit now i have to go remove the hot sauce from the jd shrine wall"
stresstwig: which has a closet for all of our bodies
bigjimslade: that explains a lot actually
cheesoning: I have a proposition
cheesoning: there's a hot sauce called "Ass In the Tub"
cheesoning: I move that we exchange the use of "hot sauce" with "ass in the tub"
Cyrano: use in a sentence plz.
stresstwig: I would like to table this motion
stresstwig: and then move to light the table, and motion, on fire
cheesoning: so, for example:
Cheesoning: that shit was ass in the tub!

Niteowl: that shit ain't hot sauce
Niteowl: and you all share the same unnumbered Store-IT! Container, actually
stresstwig: what's a store-it container
jdharper: it's like a shipping container
Cyrano: ass in the tub.
cheesoning: sweet - it's catching on.

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