Monday, February 22, 2010

Current Events : D&D, Prisons, Reality

gordonfrohman: D&D not allowed in prison because it promotes gang activity
spruce: I read that, and then on a gamer site I read a forum post by a prison guard gamer who has observed some of the prisoners he watches over play pen and paper rpgs.
cheesoning: right, then they fashion a shiv from soap.
chundo: +4 shiv of destiny
spruce: Which, you know, sounds kind of cool at first until the guard talked about how the pedophiles go into lurid detail about their characters' sexual encounters.
cheesoning: well, what would you expect from a convicted, imprisoned pedophile?
spruce: well exactly
spruce: it takes you from an abstract image of generic inmates playing dnd to the very specific reality of what's going on.

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