Monday, February 22, 2010

There Are Children In Uzbekistan Who Can't Even Get Fallout 2, Mister, You FINISH What You Have On Your Harddrive!

gordonfrohman: I kinda just don't want to buy any more games right now
gordonfrohman: have too much to play
it©hy: i almost rented army of two last night, but then had the same thought
bigjimslade: I just realized I'm in the same boat, my old computer was the one that had ME on it, and the mobo is dead on that one. I might just play it through once first before getting me2
liquidindian: Same here. Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, and DoWII suddenly became playable.
gordonfrohman: gotta finish Dirt 2 so I can go and complete GTA so I can learn to play Bloodbowl so I can get back to playing L4D until I have enough time for TF2
gordonfrohman: don't want to pile ME2 and Bioshock 2 on there right now
gordonfrohman: on the other hand, I don't want those games spoiled for me before they go on sale

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