Monday, February 22, 2010

Game Stores

spruce: Wife and I were killing time, waiting for a movie to start, so we went across the parking lot from the theatre into a gaming store. The whole place was wall-to-wall wargames being played. Those fuckers take up a lot of space.
spruce: the people playing were sadly stereotypical
spruce: storefront window, great view of a rather rotund man's expansive buttcrack as he was bending over to retrieve something.
spruce: and it smelled pretty ripe in there.
stresstwig: i think "meaty" is the preferred term
spruce: rotund sounds classier
Cyrano: and it's called "musk" and real men have it.
chrisd: sen-sa-ti-hi-ive
spruce: and there was only one woman in there besides my wife, and that woman looked like someone's mom
Katya: the gaming store we go to there are a few women but they are usually playing rpgs with a bucnh of people
Katya: lots of old virginian men
Katya: playing complicated board games
Katya: wearing suspenders
chrisd: the one I go to is filled (employees and customers alike) with goths
liquidindian: We have a man called Adam who has gone beyond wearing anything but sweat pants and won't play anything but Race for the Galaxy.
spruce: he's evolved past the need for basic fashion sense!
spruce: galactic conquest does not allow for such frivolity!

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