Monday, February 22, 2010

No, See, The Others Were Joking, Betaray

Faux Real: do you understand the internet?
liquidindian: Who, me?
Faux Real: i have no idea how i can get 900 kb/s off of an ftp but browsing is slow as hell
liquidindian: Ah, that'll be due to protocol throttling.
Faux Real: i'll throttle something
liquidindian: I just made that up.
liquidindian: Sounded good, didn't it?
Cyrano: you're probably routing your browser packets incorrectly via WINS.
liquidindian: Try flashing your BIOS over the router firmware to increase throughput.
Cyrano: reboot.
Faux Real: error between chair and keyboard?
betaray: I think it has to do with latency, each time you request a directory you open a new connection for data, which can be extra slow if you're NAT'd and have to use PASSV mode.

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