Thursday, January 28, 2010


Cyrano: so who else is seriously thinking about those Star Wars Yoda shoes?
Cyrano: (since we're all talking about shoes like GIRLS)
gordonfrohman: I think of little else
stresstwig: what shoes?
spruce: I don't remember the yoda shoes
spruce: a lot of them look shabbily made, almost home-made
Niteowl: so.. where the FUKC do i buy these things?
spruce: not sure they're even out yet
Niteowl: DON"T BOTHER ME WITH SUCH TRIVIALITIES LIKE 'not made yet', 'only a prototype', 'not shipped to a store nearby'
Niteowl: I WANT RESULTS spruce
stresstwig: i can only imagine you as some sort of internettic napoleon, screaming futilely at your troops who are twice your size.
spruce: SIR YES SIR
Niteowl: IT WORKS

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