Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emo Boy Has Hot Mom

Niteowl: i havea feeling DRM and GFWL will do nothing to hurt sales
Niteowl: i mean, MW2 had NO DEDICATED SERVERS, ffs. and it's made mroe money than Cyrano's mom when the Navy docks
itchy: ...
bigjimslade: total sales, mostly consoles whose player base doesn't care about that shit
Niteowl: yeah, well, money is money, i'm sure IW doesn't care whether it's to console or PC
bigjimslade: oh definitely, but that's different from a game developed for PCs first
bigjimslade: (though good use of Cyrano's mom in a joke. Just when we thought there was no new use for her)
Niteowl: she stays limber
Cyrano: too bad for you there's no more of me inside to die.
Niteowl: hey tehre boyo, running out of eye liner?

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