Thursday, January 28, 2010


stresstwig: also niteowl, don't listen to the haters, a good roux is at the base of any legitimate mac and cheese
Niteowl: i.. i didn't knowi was making something as frou frou as a roux
Niteowl: i was just following the book
Niteowl: i was confused, owlet was hungry, it's all a blur
stresstwig: no i know, but that is the way you do it
stresstwig: make a roux, add cheese, have cheese roux, bake on pasta
Niteowl: i added extra confusion by sauteeing onions and chicken
stresstwig: okay that's a little odd, but still understandable
Niteowl: well, most ppl cook to cook. or to take f1.4 aperture shots of their food in a lightbox
Niteowl: i make food to nourish my brood
stresstwig: sort of like "is that a tuxedo or a t-shirt"

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