Thursday, January 28, 2010


spruce: what's an mph?
stresstwig: meal patrick harris
spruce: master of political horseshit?
stresstwig: mimicking paris hilton?
spruce: monkey pheromone huffing (license)
spruce: I'm sorry, that was weak.
spruce: I retract that quip
spruce: I'm going to reset my quip stats and start fresh.
ralph: dude, you're gonna lose all of your sweet burns toward the million points achievement
Niteowl: can't do that spruce
Niteowl: that's like, 40% of all RD content
Niteowl: not related to Ayrabs or racism
ralph: or the arab control of the media
ralph: which is polite, lazy, likes sweets
ralph: unambitious, and smokes a lot.

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