Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Transferable Skills

Squib Livingston: I wonder what the most useless olympic skill is in everyday life
Squib Livingston: I was just thinking an olympic high jumper could easily get into our shop yard
Squib Livingston: but he would bust himself up landing on his back
liquidindian: Surely the walking race.
Squib Livingston: hm, walking fast is pretty dumb when you can run
ralph: curling, being the guy who slides the iron
Squib Livingston: unless you're trying to appear nonchalant
Squib Livingston: but it's hard to appear nonchalant walking at 16mph
ralph: synchronized swimming
Squib Livingston: hm
Squib Livingston: that's damn useless, unless you're trying to convince a nazi he's had too much to drink and is seeing double
Squib Livingston: which I've only had to do maybe two, three times, tops, in my life
ralph: well, they do put vaseline on their teeth to keep smiling
ralph: despite chlorine.
ralph: that's a good tip

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