Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Founding Fathers

Niteowl: how is the Public Option going, Katya?
Katya: people think it's going down in flames
Katya: pls see metafilter
Squib Livingston: the dems made a million concessions to the republicans who won't vote it in anyway
Squib Livingston: so it's a shitty bill nobody wants
Squib Livingston: so I quit. I quit the democrats
Squib Livingston: gonna become a republicans just so I can feel victory every 4 or 8 years
Squib Livingston: cos even when the dems win they don't do anything
Squib Livingston: republicans = evil. democrats = impotent
Squib Livingston: I'd rather be evil!
***Squib Livingston seals himself in a suit of black armor and starts breathing WAAAA POOOO WAAAA POOO
liquidindian: As far as I can tell the founding fathers of America were idealists who didn't expect half of your country to be voting in frothing loons in a couple of century's time.

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