Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Katya: ralph gonna play tonight?
ralph: nah
ralph: fuck videogames
ralph: I gotta backyard to do some shit with
cheesoning: leanto for your floss bike?
ralph: my mom is DYING for a bamboo bike since she left hers in china
betaray: it's on the private server now
ralph: making it for her for christmas
cheesoning: that's funny, she didn't mention the bike.
cheesoning: (where is bigjimslade?!)
Katya: and its time for snofort
ralph: oh, no, see you don't know her cheesoning.
ralph: I can see where that's confusing.
cheesoning: I'm out of my depth. I was just holding place for BJS.
cheesoning: Apologies.
ralph: he's off fucking yer m
ralph: can't do it
cheesoning: son of a...
betaray: Mom Joke Judo there

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