Wednesday, January 5, 2011


ralph I was beginning to think some other, sterner chatter was doing your material for you
Niteowl you act as if there is more people in this room than just you, me, and my 12 aliases
i'm a mad fast typer
ralph some of the other aliases are smarter than you are.
CPA 1. time to go home to my asian kids. oops, wrong account.
Niteowl also, i'd just call them kids
ralph he also calls chinese food "food"
you're my second favorite filipino on the server
Niteowl no, i'd still call that chinese food
i call meatloaf food
CPA 1. the thing about food is, you're always hungry half an hour later
Niteowl and you are certainly in my top twenty of all time for People I know Who Went To Business School And Like Sailing And Lumbermen Shirts and Who, By All Accounts To Their Exotic And Interesting Heritage Just Look Like an Over Educated Italian Man With An Aversion to Sun
top 25, anyways.
CPA 1. I went to business school, too. But I'm from Norway. :(
Niteowl Yeah, yer number 1 for Norweigian Oregonians Who Actually LIke Perl And Dig Crosstrainers And Disturbingly Thin Moustaches
there's like a couple in my office alone!
Niteowl you can start chanting "USA" now
ralph I'm growing a moustache for movember
Niteowl so you'll be done by 5 minutes ago?

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