Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Niteowl problem with writing hard sci fi, is that one is pretty sure that whatever one is tyring to say has already been said, better, with a better plot
metamonk same with porn
niteowl you just have to pave the way for a new exciting wave of sci-fi
about stuff that...wait for it...
doesn't *EXIST* yet
sentient time traveling guitars who are secretly the voices guiding joan of arc
the new cyberpunk.
a bird that is also a coffee maker
in 15th century london.
it time travels there.
or maybe there's a spaceman in the future who keeps not getting his future mail and he finally realizes his mailbox is a dimension to the ancient time of he has to time travel.
this is easy.
damn, iv'e been wasting my life in an aspiration best left toyou, twig
although, it's never been my aspiration to write sci fi
it's okay, I can come up with plots for all walks of life.
fantasy, right?
CPA 1.
Genre: Romance Subgenre: Time-travel. Go.
there's a knight in a past medieval time who loses his unicorn to a rogue knight who is a famed unicorn thief. After forgetting about his unicorn, and settling for a normal winged horse, as are the usual in his time, he encounters this rogue knight in a mountain, or something.
the rogue is a lady knight!
CPA 1.
fuckin' slam dunk
as he is about to confront the lady knight, she makes him choose between pursuing her and saving his unicorn, which she has just cast down into a lava filled pit.
then a wizard shows up, or something, and they team up together.
and the unicorn has all of these hard feelings and like will throw her off.
it's kinda shrekishj
CPA 1.
Although I think most Time-travel Romances are modern-day ladies who travel back and encounter Princes with Huge Dongs.
are you sure you didn't minor in Fantasy Novel Writing?
bitch I went to liberal arts college
I minored in EVERYTHING
well the problem there is that the time traveller's wife raised the bar pretty dang high.
twig that book has everything (granted, I only watched the second half of the movie in a hotel room, but I think I get the idea)

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