Wednesday, January 5, 2011

End Scene

ralph awesome article:…
there was a new yorker article about people who had jumped off the golden gate and survived
Niteowl is this the same article that you've linked to me twice?
CPA 1. You quoted that from memory, ralph?
ralph a great quote
Niteowl i'm not reading it a third time for god's sake man
do not remind him of his good memory, he's rather overly proudo f it
CPA 1. jesus god
Niteowl like his dizzying array of lumberman shirts
CPA 1. hahaha
ralph wow, uh, owl, you know me really well
kinda weird, that
Niteowl it is strange that two people who have chatted online incesssantly for close on two years who know something of each other
CPA 1. plus the spy cams he was able to install
CPA 1. or was that a secret
Niteowl pfft, install
you mean, 'check up on'
CPA 1. haha
ralph gf just said "HEY that's MY material"
Niteowl ralph is everyone's material
ralph *removes hand from "thinking position" in waistband*
CPA 1. gross
Niteowl 'ra' of course, meaning, 'everywhere',and 'lph', coming from a little used coptic expression meaning 'that dodgey stuff you find between your third and fourth toenail after going a bit native and neglecting to wear shoes for a month.'
Niteowl another way to get on ralph's good side, make obvious mistakes in sailing terminology and let him correct you
(or completely clueless ones, it amounts to the same thing)
CPA 1. hahahah
ralph "teowl" meaning good warm useful item for hitchhikers
and "ni " meaning bad or not
CPA 1. raise the yardarm! avast the fo'c'sle!
Niteowl being a useful warm item for hitchhikers, of course, the reason that monk wears those lumbermen shirts
that and he's never really given up on grunge
or his blue collar aspirations
ralph my only blue collar aspiration is to get away from those grubby people.
ralph hahahaha okokok you win
this round
Niteowl whenever you wanna dance, old man
Niteowl i mean that literally, don't get creepy about it
i like west coast swing
and any song, slowly. very slowly.
ok, creeped myself out
ralph no, thank god
you stopped that streak
Niteowl well done niteowl of 4 seconds ago, you creepy fuck
CPA 1. keep going...almost there

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