Wednesday, January 5, 2011


stressmib: thanks katya
Katya: i got your back
stressmib: you are now officially part of my entourage
Katya: can i be Drama?
stressmib: please fetch the following things from the grocery store:
Katya: fuck that johnny drama doesn't do the grocery store
Gemmy: How does one become part of your entourage?
stressmib: well then I guess I'm running my crew MINUES ONE
Katya: aw
stressmib: minuse
stressmib: minus.
stressmib: where's my language groupie
stressmib: christ.
Cyrano: textual expressions of feeble support, apparently
stressmib: gemmy, there are multiple ways to become part of my entourage

stressmib: there's the gauntlet

stressmib: the graveyard guilt trip
stressmib: Ms. Johnson's bakery devilry, a personal favorite of mine

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