Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Imagine

bigjimslade: you mean you guys don't enter your actual birthdays?
bigjimslade: frauds
itchy: why do they bother
itchy: it's easier to watch porn than game videos
itchy: I IMAGINE
JDHarper: Gametrailers! I *just told you* when was born, stop asking!
JDHarper: Use one of 'em fancy internet cookies
itchy: but how do they know it's you and not your impressionable schizo little brother?
Niteowl: the sweaty palms
liquidindian: We need a jaded resignation detector in webcams, to allow us adults to view any content.
itchy: i like your idea liquid, but perhaps you could throw in a little AI for that experience "It appears you would like to watch porn ... here, let me pull something up for you."
liquidindian: Maybe it could also load up something to take the edge off the post-porn self-loathing.
liquidindian: After, um, detecting that porn is no longer needed.
itchy: or it could just deter you altogether by playing back a little live video of yourself in the corner of the screen
itchy: saddest video evar
itchy: I IMAGINE
Niteowl: you keep using the word 'imagine' i do not think it means what you thnk it means
Niteowl: to wit, it's not a synonym for 'i recall'

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