Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Ol' John Walker

liquidindian: Did I mention that John Walker loved DragonAge?
Niteowl: oh good
liquidindian: I think he gave it 94.
Niteowl: good ol' Jimmy Walker
Niteowl: love that.. guy. yeah. he's. uh. good at .. reviewing games?
Niteowl: brewing heady yet respectable micro-stouts?
liquidindian: He's one of the RPS peeps.
Niteowl: directing avant guarde films depicting brocolli and mayonaise?
Niteowl: dealing with split ends?
Niteowl: taking over the phone and listening to your mother-in-law talk and talk and talk and atlk and in the end get out of her her well guarded gingerbread recipe?
liquidindian: What are you blethering about?
Niteowl: playing Twister at a nationally competitive level?
Niteowl: oh, i see, he's one of the RPS peeps
Niteowl: sorry, too busy blathering there to read
liquidindian: You imbecile.

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