Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Outside The Level Thinking

in any case, I know batman was a great game, but once poison ivy starts doing her thing, man does it turn into a slog fest
I have to spend all my time hating on the batman game, otherwise I can't get hard for the circle jerk
batman is an excellent game
don't get me wrong, I loved it.
but the first half was fantastic, and the second half was mostly mediocre rehash of the first half.
I thought it was gonna be a really cool rehash of the first half.
like when you have to do the first stealth room but without gargoyles?
but then that was the only room where that happened
and it was back to "remember this room? well now it has plants that are CRAAAAZY!"
"All hope is lost! there definitely isn't a different vent you have to climb through hey where are you going don't do that"

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