Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It Is, But Only If You Read It Ironically

betaray: I'll tough it out here in the wilds of IRC
Katya: thanks
Katya: we can weep together
betaray: spam erotic ascii art to cheer each other up
Katya: (_|_)
Katya: o o o o (_|_)
Katya: that erotic enough for you?
betaray: 8====>
Katya: nice
betaray: that's pretty hot
Katya: we can put those together and really make something happen
Katya: thats all i know
Katya: butts, poop coming out of butts and penises
Katya: where else can you go
liquidindian: We are reduced to a rump.
liquidindian: Which is also a butt.
Katya: see it all works out
Niteowl: man, high brow as fuck in here

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