Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad Company 2 : Failed Recruitment

spruce: ralph, you ever getting bc2?
ralph: I have it, but singleplayer runs slowlyralph: so I haven't played through
stressmib: yeah I had to turn off all sorts of stuff
Gemmy: I haven't touched single player yetGemmy: just mp
spruce: it's a lot less instructive than you think 
ralph: otherwise, I'm just gonna be a dogtag distribution vector for you fine people
ralph: can I play an arab?
Katya: nope just russian
stressmib: you can be an american arab or a russian arab, sure
Niteowl: you can't NOT play arab
Niteowl: oh, in game 
Gemmy: eh, that's OK, meta, you can play and knife me, and I'll knife you, and then we will both knife everyone.see, comeplay
ralph: gemmy, I heard music when I read thatNiteowl: yeah, i'll be yer personal medic, reviving you from death every 5 seconds
Niteowl: kidding, 6

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