Thursday, May 21, 2009

Huge, Thick, and Black

Katya: oh dear god
Katya: the video card is huuuuge
cheesoning: *envies Katya's huge gear
Katya: im gona post a pic of thisthing
bigjimslade: PICZ OF UR UNIT PLZ
cheesoning: pics or it doesn't exist
Katya: oh it exists and it will haunt your dreams
Katya: check that noise out
Katya: used photo booth so its backwards
cheesoning: oh, that's niiiiice.
Katya: its a monolith!
cheesoning: you know, if you have an extra bedroom, you could throw a set of sheets on it for when you have overnight guests
bigjimslade: wow damn
gordonfrohman: your card is so big
gordonfrohman: and thick
Katya: and black
gordonfrohman: I don't think it would fit into my port
gordonfrohman: bet it gets really hot
Katya: its pretty hard and study
Katya: i mean sturdy
betaray: I hear the ladies like study
betaray: that might not be too bad either
Katya: im afraid it might gain sentience if i install it
itchy entered the room.
itchy: that's a big mofo
betaray: Make sure you flash the bios with the upgraded 3 laws
betaray: they found that there were some bugs in the 3rd law in the release version
Katya: haha
itchy: does you video card have a monitor built in?
Katya: dear god it took over one of the pci slots
Katya: glad i only have one other pci slot
Katya: er device
itchy: $5 says your monitor goes kaput the second you boot up
cheesoning: I vote it grows legs and runs out of the room
cheesoning: "NO FUCKING WAY MAN"

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