Thursday, May 14, 2009


liquidindian left the room (Disconnected).
bigjimslade: oh look your feminine wiles have thrown liquid into a tizzy
bigjimslade: or something
Katya: thats what i do
Katya: not much
Katya: went out to have lunch then got some jeans and stuff
Katya: exciting day
cpa-one: La vida loca
Katya: i hate shopping for clothes
Katya: do i need to turn my vagina back in
betaray: if it's sticking out then yeah, it need to be going in
Katya: i knew i shouldn't have held my breath
***betaray really find it hilarious to misinterpret things
***betaray can't type s today
itchy entered the room.
itchy: yikes
itchy: my pockets are no longer bulging with nuts
spruce: ...
betaray: that cult finally talked you into it eh?
betaray: next it's nikes and barbiturates in your pudding
itchy: whilst at 5 guys, i shoved about 3 fistfuls of peanuts into my pockets
itchy: another 3 minutes and it would have been the whole box
spruce: Dude! Didn't you read the peanut box? It says not to take their peanuts outside the restaurant! For health reasons! In case someone allergic to peanuts grabs your nuts!
itchy: is that why it's swelling up?
itchy: that is funny ... they're worried their nuts are a public health concern
Katya: which nuts?
Katya: come on come on come on
itchy: deez
Katya: WOO!
itchy: doze
itchy: dems
itchy: i wonder how long you could survive off free 5 guy nuts
Katya: i know you personally could live for days on nuts
bigjimslade: I'll take your word for it
itchy: i love 'em
betaray: I'm a bit of a nut fiend myself
itchy: can't keep them out of my mouth
itchy: they're quite salty
itchy: tho
betaray: yeah, salty nuts mmm mmm
betaray: too bad dried fruit isn't a euphemism, because I love to mix my nuts with some dried fruit

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