Friday, May 15, 2009

Sponge Bob Bloody Pants

itchy: this is great
betaray: that is classic
cheesoning: "now with MORE SODIUM" "Sweet Jesus"
itchy: ha, it gets better
betaray: yeah, once you get to the point where he's advertising Bean Lard Mulch, it becomes obvious that it's just a joke
cheesoning: awesomely meta ending
Niteowl: so very awesomely odd
Niteowl: i like the bats
Niteowl: oh wait. angry ticks
cheesoning: the one bat that hits the eye makes a great sound
bigjimslade: I AM A BANANA
Niteowl: he's got a lot of blood in that anus
cheesoning: had
betaray: Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what that little guy was, but all the evidence seems to indicate he's some kind of blood sponge with an anus

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