Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Debutante Ball

JDHarper - Laptop: Faux Real: I don't think I'm in a high enough caste to go to a deb ball
bigjimslade: I don't think I am of high enough caste to help cater one
Niteowl: i don't think i'm a high enough caste to serve the people who cater that
bigjimslade: actually I think we discussed you in that social circle once
Faux Real: this is a bunch of old people
Faux Real: twitches poison is his passive skill?
Faux Real: no wonder i hate twitch
bigjimslade: an excellent attempt at subject-changing!
Faux Real: it failed though
Faux Real: anyway, time to go be a stage hand
Faux Real: where i barely make enough to feed my self
Faux Real: you assholes
bigjimslade: have fun!
bigjimslade: and we are!
Faux Real left the room (Disconnected).
stresstwig: it's not our fault he won't get a steady job
stresstwig: /your mother
JDHarper - Laptop: it sounds like a good sitcom premise
JDHarper - Laptop: member of the austin software elite working blue collar work
JDHarper - Laptop: culture clash, hilarity ensues
Cyrano: catchiing up: the "secret" ingredient in the family chocolate chip cookie recipe is sour cream.
Cyrano: but you'd never know if someone didn't tell you.
stresstwig: say what
Niteowl: upsetting the cotillion so soon, Cyrano?
Niteowl: the rouge is hardly washed from your milky soft skin and high, haughty cheekbones

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