Sunday, August 17, 2014


I turned away, it disappeared
the next morning, dog and/or gf had taken care of it
it was a roof rat, not the sewer rats we get in the garbage out front
actually kinda cute

so a... higher.. class of rat?

looked down on the black rats

i bet his rat family is wondering when he's coming home
little hungry rat children
weeping rat wife
brave teenage boy rat, having to shoulder the responsibility of leading the family from now on. a burden he always knew he'd someday have, but... this soon? this soon? he's barely had a childhood.

he'll marry early in a desperate bid for the stability he never had

squaring his rat shoulders, his eyes shining. no tears now. no tears, ever, anymore. it was time to grow up, time to oh wait he just got run over by a UPS van

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