Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two Worlds Colliding!

Fausterion: hey[MeFi] cheesoning: hi
Fausterion: I haven't played in a while, so I'll probably be a bit rusty
[MeFi] cheesoning: you from mefi?
Fausterion: noFausterion: I know niteowl though
Big Jim Slade: you poor bastardFausterion: haha
metamonk: niteowl has this whole internet life we don't know about
metamonk: What animal do you dress up as?
Fausterion: he's an elusive man. A man of many mysteries some may say.
metamonk: mefi stands for me furry infant, we're his regular game now
[OldF] Niteowl: man, i go afk to tend to a small giraffe, a tub of salsa, and twenty interbred orangutans and THIS is the greeting i get!?Big Jim Slade: I'm an Otter-kin!
metamonk: I'm a yiffopotamus
[OldF] Niteowl: AND WHAT AN OTTER!
[OldF] Niteowl: well, YOU think yer a yiffopotomus. maybe, if we're drunk.

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