Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thought Through

Dignan Niteowl, we've done a much better job of not leaving you in here alone after 5:00EST.
frognuts I was promised donuts.Niteowl yes, i'm so happy, you guys are doing a great job of not abandoning me to my work
Dignan We prefer it if you don't get anything done.
frognuts Then, when you lose your job, you'll think back on these good times, and they will warm your heart, as you freeze to death in front of an abandoned adult novelty shop.
Niteowl something to look forward to
Dignan We'll make sure it happens. Especially the part about the adult novelties.Niteowl i find it hard to believe that "Stick What In Where?! Supplier of Quality Polyurethane Dongs and Crowd Pleasers Since 1927" would let one of their Diamond Membership holders die of hypothermia just outside their shop
but whatever.
frognuts Without your frequent bulk orders, they soon go out of business. We have thought this through.
Niteowl thikn of the little man
and the very large dildos
and the little rubber sheep
and the GINORMOUSLY endowed Real Doll™ trannies

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