Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Abuse of Quotes

speaking of terrible, check out this Hooters clone trying to set up shop in some Chicago suburb:
Katya dear lord cheesoning
a less clever name and HOT WINGS
cheesoning how many drunk assholes will say "you gonna show me?"
Big Jim S. is it owned by Shonie's?
"Our simplicity and unique d├ęcor, featuring traditional tables and bars, and our personable and professional service, along with our quality food, will all be oriented toward creating "highly satisfied" customers."happy endings!CPA 1.
Are the quotes around "highly satisfied" theirs?
"Show-Me's, when you have an appetite for fun"
CPA 1. good lord
cheesoning they sure do need an editor.
CPA 1.
"Come eat here, you'll get a "huge boner" when you see our cheerful wait-staff!
Katya our wings are almost as good as our "blow jobs"
CPA 1. If you tip really well, maybe the waitresses will let you "have sex" with their "vaginas"

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